Cardiovascular Hazard Variables

Cardiovascular Hazard Variables  Photo

There are numerous cardiovascular hazard factors related with coronary illness and stroke. Some hazard factors like family history can't be changed, yet other hazard factors, for example, hypertension, can be adjusted with treatment. Once can essentially create cardiovascular infection on the off chance that he/she have a hazard factor. Progressively the hazard factors more prominent the probability to have the coronary illness, unless one makes a move to change the hazard factors and attempts to counteract them bargaining the heart wellbeing. 

  • Physical idleness and cardiovascular malady
  • Tobacco and cardiovascular ailment
  • Diet and cardiovascular ailment
  • Bad Fats
  • Blood lipids (fats) as a hazard factor for cardiovascular ailment
  • Obesity and cardiovascular illness
  • Family history and cardiovascular illness
  • Diabetes as a hazard factor for cardiovascular illness
  • Hypertension finding

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